Intermittent Fasting

Today we will skip “Recipe Wednesday” because it is the Fast of Esther; this fast day runs from sunrise to sunset and commemorates the fast that Esther and the Jewish People undertook before her meeting with King Achashverosh.

There has been a lot written about fasting over the last few years, and much of it is promising. Research indicates that intermittent fasting (not a complete fast, but fasting for parts of the day or parts of a week) may not only help with weight loss, but lower insulin levels in diabetics and pre-diabetics. T

I have been following my own form of intermittent fasting for several years now. Once dinner is over–whenever that is–I stop eating. Before I put this “rule” in place, I used to graze all night long to the tune of hundreds of calories. My eating does not take place 24/7 but is now limited to certain times of the day. Note that others have their own systems. I know of some folks who eat from 7-9 am, 12-1 pm and then from 5-8 pm; there is no snacking between those periods.

The attached article from Harvard was published last year and gives a pretty clear summary of the latest findings, as well as what exactly intermittent fasting (IF) is. As I mentioned above, there is more than one model for IF. Do some research and see if this is something that you might want to try yourself.

In the meantime, wishing those of you who are fasting a Tzom Kal, an easy fast…and a Happy Purim!

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