Brain Games may be just that…

Fixer Kayleigh Duddin

CNN reported on the new global guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) about preventing dementia.

The guidelines reinforce what many of us in the Fitness Industry and who have an interest in brain biology already know. Many of the gimmicks that are advertised to help stave off dementia are just that–gimmicks that are not proven to really work.

For some time now, experts in brain biology have been able to cite only one factor that is known to reduce the chances of developing dementia: cardio exercise. But wait, what does the heart have to do with the brain (sounds like a country music song)? It’s actually not that complicated; the more blood that we get pumping throughout our bodies (which is what cardio exercise does), the more blood that flows to the brain; the more blood to the brain, the healthier it is!

What the WHO guidelines add is that there are now a few other factors that also can contribute to preventing dementia: “regular physical exercise, not using tobacco, drinking less alcohol, maintaining healthy blood pressure and eating a healthy diet — particularly a Mediterranean one. “

Just one more reason to head to the gym…or outside…or to that piece of cardio equipment in the basement. Not only is it good for your heart, it is good for your brain too!

Here is the article from

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