The Power of Negativity

Plus-minus Sign Plus And Minus Signs Symbol Mathematical Notation ...

And the results are in….NEGATIVE!

Yesterday I had to take a COVID-19 test in preparation for a surgical procedure on Thursday. I was pretty sure I’d be negative. I’ve had no fever, have worn my mask, maintained 6′, etc., but you never know.

I think for many of us over the last few months, even a sniffle or a tickle in the throat is cause for worry. Is it allergies or the plague? Do I need a ventilator or a Ricola? There is a pervasive anxiety that only a test can allay.

It is nice to know that I do not have the virus, but I realize that the test yesterday is only one snapshot in time. I could be exposed today (God forbid) and not even know it. The anxiety does not disappear. What is the case to be made for repeated testing?

As I said, although I expected it to come back negative, it is still a relief. Here’s hoping that many more of us follow the CDC recommendations so that we can turn this thing around. Let’s hope for as much negativity as possible!

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