Two Months after Bicep Tendon Surgery

The Long Road Ahead

My surgery to repair tendonosis on my right bicep was just over two months ago. It’s been about a month since my last update.

The good news: mobility and strength are greatly improved, even from this time last month. Today at PT we measured it and there are definite advances. I was also cleared last week to start running again, and that has been great–especially with the wonderful weather we’ve been having.

The bad news: I am not nearly as strong or mobile (range of motion) as I would have hoped. I also am experiencing a good bit of discomfort/pain–especially at night and first thing in the morning. It is hard to say how much longer that will go on.

The question remains: was it worth it to have the surgery? And…the jury is still out. I am hoping that in the long run I will be pleased that I did it. For now, the pain is a little less than before surgery, but there are times when it really smarts. I definitely know when I have overdone it, but in my line of work it is difficult not to lift objects that way more than a few pounds. I have learned to compensate, but that is not the best strategy either. My doctors and physical therapist tell me that all this is normal. I haven’t had a lot of surgeries, but enough that I should have learned that recovery always takes longer than promised.

There is still a long road ahead, but hopefully the baby steps add up to a lot of progress over time. Every now and again, I will update you on my progress. Until then, stay safe and stay strong!

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