Get Your Colon Cancer Screening!

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Yesterday I had my biennial colonoscopy–a little early, since the last one was in August of 2019. You may recall that I blogged about it back then.

I really do not mind having my colonoscopy. The prep is way better than it used to be; the day before yesterday was Miralax mixed with Powerade Black Cherry and it was impossible to taste the difference from plain Powerade. The drugs during the procedure were, as usual, great and I remember nothing. Best of all, the doctor found initially that there seems to be no disease activity (I am in remission from Crohn’s Disease) nor signs of cancer; several biopsies were taken and those results will be out later this week.

In the meantime, here is another reminder to get your colon screening after age 50. A colonoscopy is not the only screening out there; ask your doctor for his/her recommendation. Colonoscopies are about 94% accurate in their findings, which is pretty good odds! The process is not so much fun, but two days of inconvenience and some discomfort is way better than having to undergo cancer treatment.

In general, as we age, it is recommended to get out in front of all the recommended health screenings. The success stories we hear about people diagnosed with cancer are much more common when the disease is caught early. So get that colonoscopy, prostate screening, mole check, mammogram, etc.

It isn’t necessarily fun, but I’m told it’s more fun than cancer.

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