Thoughtful words from a long-time friend and colleague. Thanks Rabbi Avi Friedman!

shalom RAF

We knew that Simone Biles’ Olympic experience was going to be a memorable one.We just didn’t know what was going to make it so memorable.

My hunch is that very few of us can understand the physical, mental and emotional pressure felt by elite athletes like Simone Biles.I know that I couldn’t possibly put myself in her place.She lives in a different universe.

However, we all face challenges as we go down the path of life.Sometimes, we are ready for them.Sometimes, they cause us to zig instead of zag.Sometimes, they cause us to stop right where we are because we can go no further.It’s in moments like that we need help from others to figure out how to keep going.

In this week’s Torah portion, Moshe was thinking about the years that he had spent together with the Israelites wandering in the wilderness.He said the following to the Israelites: “Remember…

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