Do You Have a Dream?

martin luther king

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day comes to an end, I think about his legacy. He was to me the closest thing that the United States has had to a modern-day prophet. Like the prophets of the biblical tradition, he was not afraid to speak truth to power. Dr. King had powerful dreams and visions. He saw this nation the way it was and dreamed of what it could become–not just for people of color, but for all Americans.

Dr. King reminds me of the biblical character, Joseph. Joseph was a dreamer for sure, but he was more than that. He knew how to interpret dreams (both his and Pharaoh’s) and understood what to do next. He was not just a dreamer, Joseph was a man of action as well. This very well describes Dr. King too. He spoke about his dreams, but he also knew how to organize. He comprehended what it would take for change to come. I am sure that he must have also known that this change might not come in his lifetime, but that the work must be done nevertheless.

On this MLK Jr. Day, we should honor the legacy of this great man, and we should also be aware of just how much of his dreams is unfulfilled. There is a great deal more work to be done to ensure that the United States is a nation of freedom and justice. We must do more than just reflect; we are obliged to consider the ways that we can make his dreams a reality, and then plan our first steps, and the second, and so on.

If this sounds familiar to those of you who have been following my blog, it is because the idea of taking a dream/desire and making it a reality is also a part of our fitness journey. We cannot just dream about becoming more healthy. We must first assess the situation and understand the work that needs to be done. Only then can we set goals and establish a plan to begin the hard work.

May we honor Dr. King’s legacy, not just on this day, but throughout the year–doing our part to make his vision of a more perfect nation more than just a dream.

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