Fitness & Friendship

Treadmill Talk

“It’s all about relationships.” We hear that about many aspects of our lives: family, work, school, etc. As a Personal Trainer, I have heard this over and over again. Certainly almost every certified personal trainer can provide a quality workout; s/he can point out the right way to do exercises and provide an appropriate plan to help reach fitness goals. Not every trainer, however, has the personality to build the connection with a client.

It is true that personal trainers “get paid to care,” but the good ones really do care. My concern is not just about what happens in the gym, but what happens in the rest of my clients’ lives as well. I am invested in my clients and their welfare, and hopefully they reciprocate and invest in the services that I have to offer.

Over the years, I considered my own trainers to be friends–I sent wedding presents and attended visitations when loved ones passed away. I have received thoughtful gifts from my own clients and go out of my way to check on them when they are ill, have a personal issue, or have lost a loved one. I have been worried about many of them during this pandemic knowing how their lives have been upended.

This aspect of the relationship is especially important for older clients. Many of my clients are older adults and do not get out as much as they used to–all the more so during this pandemic. They are often lonely and feeling vulnerable. Whether we are in-person or on-line, the personal connection is just as important as the workout. They look forward to the conversation just as much as (or even more than) the exercises. Everyone wants to feel valued. Everyone wants to feel respected. Our training sessions are time to express those.

When considering who might be the best match for a personal trainer, remember that it is not just about the certifications, college degrees, or the size of their biceps. The most important part of finding the right personal trainer may not be on their resume at all. Having a connection with a trainer not only makes the workout more enjoyable, but can also help to ensure that fitness goals will be more attainable. After all, it is one thing to disappoint someone you are paying for a service, but an altogether different matter to fall short for someone you care about and who cares about you.

It’s all about relationships!

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