Three Months after Bicep Tendon Surgery


Ah…. Time flies when you’re doing physical therapy! It’s been just over three months since my surgery and I’m happy to report that progress is happening.

Last week, I met with my surgeon virtually who was pleased with my progress and re-assured me that the pain and discomfort I sometimes get are nothing to be worried about. It will continue to improve. In terms of beginning to add weight to my therapy and my own workouts, he told me to follow the instruction of my physical therapist since she is on the front lines and knows how I am doing. He reminded me that the recovery from this surgery is a long one and that I’ll need to be patient (which is why I am his patient!).

At PT, we have noted that my mobility and flexibility have increased. I am feeling less discomfort (although the day after PT I can usually count on some aches). My therapist told me that we can begin to start adding heavier weights to my workouts/PT exercises; I’ll be going from 3 lbs. to 5 lbs., and eventually even more. The main thing for me to watch for is the form; if I start to do the exercise in a sloppy manner or see that I am compensating by using another muscle it is a sign to back down or stop. As a Personal Trainer, this will not be too difficult as these are the same things I check for with my clients regularly.

Was the surgery worth it? Jury is still out, but it certainly seems that if I continue on the current trajectory it will have been a good idea. Once I am able to strengthen the shoulder/arm muscles and carry out the kinds of activities that I have in the past without pain, we’ll have the answer for sure. In the meantime, I will continue with my exercises.

More news in a few months.

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