That Time I was a Guest on a Podcast

As many of you know, I was asked to be a regular columnist for Northeast Ohio Boomer magazine last year. Each issue I wrote about a different issue related to exercise/fitness and older adults. The magazine also hosts a number of blogs and has a podcast as well for which I was interviewed. If you’d like to hear my voice and my thoughts about fitness, click here. The podcast is about 20 minutes long.

I am waiting for 60 Minutes to contact me next….

My Interview on Howard Wolpoff’s Podcast.

I was fortunate to be interviewed a few weeks ago for a Podcast by Howard Wolpoff on Small Business Marketing. I am part of a FaceBook networking group when I saw a request for those wishing to participate in a discussion about small businesses and marketing–particularly, after through and “after” the pandemic.

Give a listen if you have interest!

Wondering if given my business, it should be a Bodcast….